[SOLVED] Is custom styling of the interface possible?

Hello all, Mattermost newbie here! Is there a way to change the app’s visual appearance? Further than changing colors and fonts in the settings? Is there a way to change the css or (even better) override it somewhere?

I try to introduce Mattermost at our design faculty (Nuremberg Tech University of Applied Sciences). We are very sensitive about visual design, unsurprisingly… You could call us design snobs, yes. Mattermost’s interface is very well though-out and functional. But (at least to me) also feels a tiny bit too technical, blocky, crowded, heavy. I really would like to tweak the default appearance. Make it a bit lighter, more whitespace, reduce weight of or even hide some elements, etc.

I am working on concepts and visual design for screen interfaces for 15+ years. So I know what I do. :slight_smile: This might even lead to some contributions to the Mattermost design in the long run.

Any ideas?

Hi @Tilmn

Thank you for your question. We’d be interested to hear about the ideas you have for tweaking the default appearance of Mattermost!

Would you be interested in joining the Contributors Team to share more about your concepts? We’d love to see some mock-ups of what you have in mind.

Once you’ve signed up at the above link, please click on “More…” in the left-hand-sidebar below “Channels” and join the UX Design channel to start a discussion.