A hub for apps for mattermost

Hey all, other than https://www.mattermost.org/community-applications/ is there another place where I can find all the apps available for mattermost?..for example there is this app my organization is using right now on slack called “GrowthBot” http://growthbot.org/ how would I go about adding this to mattermost?


Hey, I was also thinking about a “marketplace” or something of the sort. Where integrations are just one click (I liked that about Slack).
This will require some API back to your mattermost server for automatically creating slash commands and incoming webhooks. I’m pretty sure this is available, but we just need to make the site and those of us that can host some bot out there, we will just register.
Then it will be a matter of contacting these guys (GrowthBot) and ask them to register as well.

Maybe we should ask for this as a feature? This is not just a feature of the application, but a web site that will host such “marketplace”.

As of current, would mattermost be able to somehow use these apps? Such as growthbot etc, through some kind of backend installation?

If the owner of GrowthBot is willing to open the integration endpoints (we need the URL for the slash command, find out if the bot needs incoming webhooks, etc) we should be able to call it from Mattermost. The message exchange is very similar (if not the same)
I have sent him an email, so we’ll see what he says.