Mattermost Rocket Chat Migration

This week the Discourse team switch our internal chat from using Slack to Rocket Chat. We have been reasonable happy, but I would still like us to also try out Mattermost some time around Feb.

I think it is great for us to try out the various open chat platforms out there cause we really value integrations between Discourse and chat. Only way to get the integrations right is to live with them.

I would like our trial run on Mattermost to be the least disruptive it can be, so I would ideally like to import our existing Chat structure and content from Rocket Chat.

Is there a simple mechanism for importing Rocket Chat to Mattermost?

Hi @sam.saffron, thanks for considering Mattermost!

We love Discourse and have been a customer since the start of the Mattermost open source project.

Here are some options for migrating a bespoke messenger to Mattermost:

After a messenger becomes stable, version 1.0 or higher, I imagine someone in our community would open source an adapter using the Mattermost Bulk Load framework or the Mattermost ETL framework from BrightScout.

If your team would be interested in creating something early and sharing it back, we’d love to introduce it to our community.

Also, we’d welcome you to join our public Mattermost CI server if you’d like to discuss more.


Has anybody looked into creating a migration tool for RocketChat? We have a stable OSS project and we’ve been using RocketChat for quite a while now and built up a user base with quite a useful history that we don’t want to lose.

Is there a tool for this, or is this task on your short-term list? @it33, would you mind giving us an update, because we’re really eager to switch over, but also preserve our history and user base, if possible!

Please, advise!




I would also like a tool like this. Does one exist yet?