Slack Migration to Mattermoust Cloud

Hi all.

I’m looking into migrating into Mattermost cloud professional version as because we’re a small company we’re looking into relying on the Mattermost cloud version, opposed to the on-prem solution.

The thing is that we’re currently using Slack and we’d like to migrate the history to mattermost. I’ve seen the migration guide but it only refers to the on-prem solution.

Also I’ve seen this has been posted long time ago and ignored (Slack Migration to Mattermost Cloud).

Anyone has any idea if this is possible? I’ve asked sales but also got ignored on that front. For us might be a critical key point to have the history migrated and we don’t really want to manage another server/software as we want to keep our IT footprint as low as possible.

Thanks in advance,

Hi lopeici and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

You cannot directly migrate to the Cloud since this is not supported at the moment, but you can migrated to a self hosted deployment and once you’re there, you can export your channels and users and send it to the cloud support so they can import it into your workspace.
You can also try to open a support ticket with the cloud support and ask for other options, I’m not sure if they do slack imports directly now, but I recall they don’t.

Hi agriesser.

Thanks for the reply. It crossed my mind to go for this 2-phase approach but the lack of official response from Mattermost is worrying. I contacted sales but they have disregarded my messages.

Hard to sell to top management migrating to mattermost if not even sales seems to be responsive/interested.

I’m not sure when you contacted them, but there was a convention last week (MatterCon) which might be the reason for the delays, but that’s about all the insight I have on that topic, sorry.

It was 2 weeks ago. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and ping them back once more!

Thanks for guidance!

Hi, I believe this is the Support ticket that you have opened I just wanted to let you know that our Support team is currently looking into it and will post a response soon.

What I’ve heard is that customers can be migrated to Cloud from a self-hosted Mattermost (, but you’d need to first get from Slack to Mattermost (Migration guide — Mattermost documentation).