MIgration from Slack

I’ve just heard of Mattermost and I am very interesting to start using it in a team where people are actively using Slack already, to eventually convince people to migrate.

I’m not really sure I understand the compatibility feature beyond the Slack account import:

  • Can I participate with a Slack team from Mattermost (I mean basically sending and receiving messages in a team channel)? Can Slack users participate in a Mattermost team?

If not, is there a way to do a gradual transition rather than an abrupt switch?


Hi @nodje, have a look at our documentation on Slack Import. The migration flow would be exporting your slack data to a JSON file and then having a Team Administrator import the file into Mattermost so your conversation history is saved. Although there are some limitations, this makes the transition to Mattermost less abrupt.

Thank for your comment @eric, this helps.

I guess Slack API has limitations so as not to let other clients communicate directly with Slack channels.
Mattermost would probably implement this otherwise right?