About Section inside apps not getting changed

The about section inside android app is not getting changed even after changing

  1. The default message in app/screens/about
  2. The localization file in assets/base/i18n/en.json
  3. I tried make nuke and then make pre-run again after changing them still no change.

How do i change the about section so that it displays my custom string instead of ‘About Mattermost’?


Hi @aneesaziz, thank you for reaching out.

I’ve asked our developers about this and I’ll let you know their feedback.

Hi @aneesaziz,

Which string are you changing in those files? The one that needs to be changed should be about.title.

If that isn’t working, you can check the contents of dist/assets/i18n/en.json to see if it matches what you’re trying to use. The ones in that folder are actually used by the app since they, but they should automatically be regenerated by the Makefile when you run it anyway.

Hi there,
The dist/assets/i18n/en.json is showing about.title= “Custom App” . But when i connect to my sever through the app then the section in the “Settings” inside the app still show “About Mattermost”.
1.I am currently running enterprise edition .
2. I have made changes in both en.json files of mattermost-server/webapp and mattermost-mobile and compiled them individually.
3. My server is deployed at an AWS instance. The about section shows correctly from the web interface.
4. I have also made changes in app/screens/about/about.js but the layout still remains the same.
5. Currently i am running my application in android.


Hmm. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be picking it up then if you’ve deployed your own version of the app. I tried changing it myself (link to my changes) and after a make dist/assets to update that folder, it works fine for me. This screenshot is on iOS, but I can’t see any reason that Android should be any different

I forgot to make index.js for android and IOS after changing so it was loading the previous files. Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it.