AD/LADP group sync not pulling up groups' users


When syncing users and groups, Mattermost pulls all users and groups according to my filters (AUTHENTICATION -> AD/LDAP), but when linking groups to teams (USER MANAGEMENT -> Groups (Beta)) I see no users in the group.

I’m using mattermost-docker, Enterprise Edition (E20)
Mattermost Version: 5.21.0
Database Schema Version: 5.21.0
Database: postgres

Steps to reproduce

(I don’t think you can, without access to my Active Directory.)

  1. Configure server, users and groups parameters in AD/LDAP section
  2. Test connection (all OK)
  3. Force AD/LDAP synchronization (get “Success” with the right number of users and groups)
  4. Check that users can login with AD credentials (they can)
  5. Go to “Groups (Beta)” (all groups are there)
  6. Link one group to a team (no problem)
  7. See the list of users for that group on the lower part of the page (empty!!)

Expected behavior

I should see users when entering a group configuration in “Groups (Beta)”

Observed behavior

I don’t see any users when entering any group configuration in “Groups (Beta)”

can you provide the LDAP configuration from your config.json? Since you’re E20 and this is probably confidential please reach us out at

Best regards,

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Hey, @marcokundt

I just submitted the information as you suggested.

Thank you!