LDAP - Getting all users during LDAP sync without the need to have all logged in?


I’ve configured LDAP for Mattermost and I did expect having all LDAP users listed under “Users” in the System Console. But I’ve seen that only users appear here which tried to log in once.

My plan was to assign all the LDAP users to teams in the background, but they are not known to Mattermost even after a manual LDAP sync. If a user tries to log in via LDAP it’s working, and he gets a message that he’s not assigned to any team and he should contact the System Admin. After this attempt I see this user in Mattermost and can assign him to a team.

Is there a way to get all the users from LDAP into the MM backend during sync without the need to call everyone to log in first? I want to give them a ready-to-go solution and not steal their nerves with additional steps they need to take :wink:

Second, is there any way of automatically adding users to Teams and channels depending on group memberships on the LDAP server? I have some groups set up in LDAP which also assign their rights and channels in my Helpdesk system (Zammad) and Cloud (Alfresco), but for now it seems I need to manage this in MM completely manually, correct?

Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:

I’m no expert, having never personally done an LDAP migration, but I suspect that the command line tools might be helpful in this case, particularly the platform user tools.