Join team using LDAP groups


I am currently evaluating Mattermost as a Hipchat replacement so I’m new here.
I like what i see so far :slight_smile:

I have a group of people that are employees. I want to use a “company team” for this group and have the channels as open as possible.
We want to invite people from other organizations to work with us. I want to use one or more teams for this use case. Invited people should not access the “company team”.

I want the employees to have a smooth onboarding into Mattermost. Can I use LDAP groups to auto-join people into the company team?
How would you solve this in Mattermost?


Hi @johan.ferner, thank you for reaching out!

Currently Mattermost only creates a user when they first log in, and then only syncs the users that exist in Mattermost. We don’t currently have a way of getting users into specific teams and channels, but it is on our near-term roadmap. You can find more information about our LDAP team and group sync here:

Here is a workaround: once users’ accounts are created on the server, they can be manually invited/added to any team. Users who create the team have the ability to add users by going to Main Menu > Add Members to Team OR Get Team Invite Link.

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