Add members to channel

I’m using mattermost 7.1.3.

When chosing ‘Add members’ to a channel, I can only search by user name. The search field sadly ignores first/last name searches.How do I add a user when I don’t know his user name?

Hi Ti-Admin,

I cannot reproduce that, on my system it also returns results when I type the firstname (which is not part of the username).
What search engine are you using? Bleve or Elasticsearch or just database searches?

Thanks for the reply and your ongoing support here! I’m using the default database search.
I’ve just added a public channel and trying to add people, I don’t get anyone in the search field apart from myself. Not even while using the correct user name.
But I don’t get consistant results from my two mattermost instances so I have to investigate further.

OK, this is strange. So you’re using this dialog here, correct?


Does the behaviour change when you click on “Manage Members” for a channel:


Then click on “Done”


And then on “Add”?

That makes no difference. I will check how permissions may play a role here.
I’ve allowed channel admins to add users, therefore I don’t see what’s going wrong.

When you hit CTRL-k (or CMD-k) on your keyboard, in the search dialog that appears, are you able to search for the first- and lastnames there?
When you’re about to write a message in a channel and you type @ there and continue typing the first- or lastname of a person in your company, are you able to find them there? In both scenarios, I just confirmed that searching for the first- and/or lastname worked on my installations, so if this doesn’t work on yours, there might be an error with the autocomplete search index.