All my Teams threads in a single wall or big thread

Hi, Is there any chance in Mattermost to have a single wall site where I can see all my Teams threads posts, with their metadata (sender, time, Team, channel) in ONE SINGLE thread or Wall? Like if I have my Twitter wall, where I can see all my posts one after other.

When you have a lot of Mattermost Servers accounts, a lot of teams with all their channels, getting update of all new posts is a hard manually task. You have to check every single marked as updated Server, after that TEAM and each channel, opening them and looking for new posts.

A single wall view, will allow us to survey all my channels activity live…and if I need to see the historial of one of the channels I can go then inside it and have a whole picture of the thread.

Is there any plugin or integration that achieve such a feature?

Many thanks in advance,



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Hello, Izzat.

This sounds like a social media app wall (Facebook for example), from my perspective. As of now, I have not come across such integration / plugin that has such functionality:

As of now, do you have any challenges keeping up with the left hand side panel that displays all the teams and channels / direct messages that you are participating in? Are there any improvements that you have in mind to make it easier to check on them (besides having the Mattermost Wall feature)?

Hi Izzat,
I’m a new Product Manager, working on a project that hopes to improve people’s ability to read and process messages. I’m curious about your situation and what gave rise to this request. If you’re interested in doing a quick 15 minute call I’d love to connect in a zoom call. Just DM me at But my initial questions would be: 1) how many teams and channels and how many messages are you trying to process? 2) do you need to read and process every message or do you just want to be able to glance at the firehouse from time-to-time?

Hi Adam,
I actually have 4 mattermost servers, with 14 teams, 6 teams, 2 teams and 2 teams for these. Each team have an average of 10 public and private channels. Every channel has an average of 6-8 active users. So you can imagine how many post you can have daily. I have omitted the direct messages.
I need to be aware of almost everyone, at least to know what is going on in each project. I should go in when my help is needed, not always.
This is why I asked about some kind of hub for all the activity. To have a big picture of what is going on, and only when is needed, I should go inside of that channel

Got it. That’s a lot of messages to review. The thing I’m struggling with is how to to present messages in a way that enables users to understand what thread they belong to. If everything is just stacked chronologically in the center panel on a constantly moving conveyer belt, many people find it hard to process. But it sounds like you have a system for quickly reading and understanding the context of most messages. How do you do it? Any tricks?

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Obviously, now I have to go to every Team marked with the red badget to scroll up and down to find which channel has the new items. Loking for bold channel names…
A wall view should show a small header to each new post with the icon of the team, team name and channel name. This header should be linkable with the channel directly.
A group by category (team, channel) could be nice also as well a filter window.

Well this is a quick thought…Maybe a more deeply discussion could deliver a better way…