Android client crashes with "Cannot read property 'channelId' of undefined

I have multiple users, including myself, so far Android only, which frequently experience crashing client apps.

Steps to reproduce
I can’t say for sure if it’s a requirement but it seems like these crashes tend to happen whenever a notification for a new post is selected.
My App version is 2.10.1, but I have seen this happening with previous versions as well.

Expected behavior
No crash

Observed behavior

  1. Select the notification for a new post
  2. Get this crash
  3. Hit ‘relaunch’ from within the crash screen
  4. End up with a black screen
  5. Close the app
  6. Relaunch the app
  7. Things will work as expected until the next crash happens a few days later

Exact versions:

Opened [MM-56197] - Mattermost.

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