Mobile Error "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined"

Hello , I have the following issue. for a few days when I use Мattermost from my phone and try to open a chat I get the following error. I will attach a screenshot.

I have a member with a similar problem on iOS. I think they’re on the newest version, and they’ve had the problem for a couple of days.

HI @peterkaminski & @Parladiiski and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Is the issue reproducible and if so, is it any specific channel you’re getting the error when clicking on it or does it happen randomly?
Can you share the logs of your mobile app? After you’re logged in, click on your profile picture at the bottom right → Settings → Report a problem (this allows you to send the logs to your e-mail address).

Check for relevant log entries around the time you saw the error message.

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I also have a user with this issue. They are on the latest iOS version. It happens on all channels all of the time. Completely breaking the app for them

Its on all channels and also on my profile. when I log out of the application several times, the problem disappears temporarily.

Hi, same issue here. Private messages and private channels open, but public ones make crash. I tried to get the logs as @agriesser asked, but it also crashes when I click on my profile picture.

I also checked server console just to be sure, but no error appears.

  1. What OS and version are you on?
  2. Can you help provide any reproduction steps?
  3. What is your setting for Display -> Teammate Name Display in user preferences set to?
  4. Also, do you know if there have been users manually deleted from the database in your organization?

I’m currently updating my OS, then I will try again.

Still crashing after update.

OS: MIUI Stable
Android version: 12 SKQ1.211006.001
Reproduction steps (won’t help much): connect to server, open a public channel or profile tab…
Teammate Name Display: “Show nickname if one exists, otherwise show first and last name”
No users manually deleted. We use a SSO to connect.

Opened a ticket to investigate: [MM-52598] - Mattermost.



Mobile 2.2.0 on Android sometimes not updating channel contents.

Steps to reproduce
Not reproduceable, Mobile Version 2.2.0 Android, server 7.1.4, MySQL, DB version 89.

Expected behavior
Channels that have existed for years with many posts and comments are displayed as a new channel. Comments on my posts are not updated, although I can see them on the Linux client. If I exit and restart the MM app in the Android settings, THEN the channels are displayed correctly again.

Observed behavior
There’s no error message, screenshots for a so called NEW channel attached (German version).

Does anyone else have this problem?

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May be coincidence, but just noting that my iOS affected user also has the German language set

@amy.blais can we get this assigned to someone in your bugtracker please?

One of our devs has grabbed the ticket now.

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This now works for me in latest iOS version

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