Can't login, error says: "undefined is not an object (evaluating 's.mention_count=t.mention_count')"


Can’t login to Mattermost desktop (ut bafter refreshing I’m logged in) and mobile iOS.

Steps to reproduce

version 5.16.0, 5.16.2 but this error happened few versions before too.

Expected behavior

Can’t login.

Observed behavior

When I’m trying to login on desktop (in browser, mainly Safari) login screen says what’s included on attached screenshot. Then — when webpage is refreshed using CMD+R (or CRTL+R on Windows) I’m already logged in.

Can’t login and I get what’s included on attached screenshot but I receive push notifications.

And this is what I see on desktop.

Hey there @Krzysztof, I could not find anything specifically regarding the error that you are seeing, but I found a similar error that was caused by a user’s team membership having changed.

Were there any recent changes done to your user account that may be similar that could have triggered this?

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