Can’t login on mobile app

I can’t use the mobile app because the login fails.

It occurs on all phones (android, ios, different app versions).
Desktop app and browser are no problem.

When I try to login the app says „Konnte nicht alle Teams abrufen
(like „could not call/recall all teams“. It’s in german so I don’t know the exact wording in english).

Is there something our server administrator needs to do? I’m just a user.
And I asked some team members and they also can’t use the app.

Mattermost version 6.1.0
App version 1.55.1

Hi Jaem and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Could it be that there is some additional security configured on your Mattermost server, like a filtering reverse proxy or some other web application firewall or the like which filters out requests for mobile users?
Also, can you confirm that your Mattermost installation is publically available and that there are no different firewalls between it and the user when you use the mobile apps or that your mobile clients are connected to the correct wireless LAN which also has enough permissions to access Mattermost?


thanks for your answer.
I have absolutely no idea, I will pass those questions on to our server admin :smiley:

However I noticed that even I can’t login I still get notifications. So I can’t open any channels but I get push notifications and can see the content of messages.
Is that any known bug?

I just checked the iOS appstore and the release notes of the app version 1.55.1 state that server version 6.3.0 is required at minimum, so you will need to upgrade your Mattermost server in order to have mobile app support again. Sorry that I overlooked that at first sight.

Ooh okay, that’s a good info!
We’ll try this, thanks! :slight_smile: