Login issue (Mobile app)

Im having trouble logging into Mattermost mobile app. Already tried deleting and re-installing the app and still gets the same error.

Here is the additional information needed:

  1. MM server version - (not sure how to find it)
  2. Does the app close after entering the server url and tapping on Connect? - Yes
  3. Is the phone jailbroken? - Nope

I was able to log into MM Classic

Hey @kraaayola! Thanks for the report.

For 1), if you log in on your desktop, click the hamburger menu next to your user profile in top left corner, then choose “About Mattermost”, the MM server version is listed in the dialog that opens.


Thank you! Our server version is 4.6.0


Can you please ask your Server Administrator if they have the Data Retention Policy enabled?

you can also reboot your mobile phone then after re-install the app and then its work then create a new account. still, you have an issue then contact with service host provider to solve this types of issues.