Problem first login

Hi there! i’ve just downloaded Mattermost classic on my Iphone 5s ios 12.4.2, but for some reason i can’t connect to the server URL my mates are providing me, it says “we could not connect to the Mattermost server or the server running in an incompatible version.” … can you help me understand what is the problem? Thanks in advance !!!

Hi @Tannerone,

Here is our official mobile app for iOS: Would you be open to giving this app a try instead?

What Mattermost server version are you on?

Hi @amy.blais
just tried also the other App, doesn’t work either… and about the server version i have no idea… how can i find out it?

By the way, thanks for the quick interest!

There are a few ways you can find out the server version:

  • Ask a System Admin on your server to check the server version
  • Log in to your server from webapp / desktop app and go to Main Menu > About Mattermost.

Are other users on the server having the same problem?

Can you also help check if this troubleshooting doc might help