Apache 2 proxying requests to mattermost

How do I configure Apache 2 to front end requests to mattermost installed using the gitlab-omnibus package?

I’ve already disabled nginx in the gitlab.rb file

nginx[‘enable’] = false

and have added an Apache 2 configuration file that’s proxying to 8080 for gitlab.example.org and that’s working fine.

I’ve added the line to start mattermost in gitlab.rb

mattermost_external_url ‘http://mattermost.example.org

and I can see it started with gitlab-ctl status. I’ve also configured the DNS so gitlab.example.org and mattermost.example.org point to the same box where the omnibus package is installed. I’ve configured Apache 2 to proxy matterermost.example.org also on port 8080, but that just serves up gitlab.example.org.

Is there a different port that mattermost is running on that I need to proxy instead?


Yes, there is a different port. Mattermost defaults to running on port 8065. The Gitlab rails server is on port 8080 and only one server at a time can listen on a port. The Mattermost server is based on a different technology stack. You should proxy to it basically the same way you do for Gitlab, but the proxy target should be port 8065.