Automated configuration data for /slash command

How about allowing for a special parameter ?getslashinfo=1 or something return the various fields that need to be filled in in the Slash Command configuration.

Add a button “Fetch” to the right of the Request URL and if clicked, MM goes to retrieve Display Name, Description, Request Method, Autocomplete Hint and Autocomplete description fields.

Even if the user gets it back in the wrong language, it’ll be easy to translate to the local language. Reponse username and icon should obviously not be allowed to be fetched like this, nor the trigger word.

A second parameter could be sent with getslashinfo=1, the system language setting, i.e. lang=en, lang=sv, etc. to allow the slash dispatcher to return the above data in the specified language, if possible.

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Hi @joho68 -

To make sure I’m understanding correctly, this would be to:

  1. Add a button to slash command set up page to fetch info beside Request URL
  2. When pressed, the other fields on the page (other than trigger word, picture, username) would then autofill with the information returned from the slash command

Would you be able to share a few more details about your use case? Is it to make setting up slash commands more convenient, and to make it easier to share slash commands with others?

Hello @lfbrock :slight_smile:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

The thinking behind it is as you write, to make it more convenient to set-up these commands. And I think it makes sense to allow for a publisher to supply “self-information” if they want to. One could argue that this is useless and that it doesn’t take that long to enter the information manually, but automation is nice IMHO.

Cool, I can see how that would be useful - I’ll bring it up as something to consider for the roadmap for integrations.

If we decide to add this to the roadmap, is it something you would be interested in working on and contributing to the project?

I’m well versed in many languages, but Go/Lang is not one of them unfortunately. But I’ll be happy to adjust my Slash command PHP implementation (available on GitHub) to provide such data and make sure our own MM installation behaves as expected if that is of any help.