Preview: Slash Commands

We’re working on designs for new slash commands, for both advance End Users (e.g. to join rooms from just the keyboard), and IT Admins (to run things like load tests to try out performance on their systems).

One item we’re still working out is how to display long descriptions of slash commands, when there may be a lot of parameters to pass in:

We’d love to hear from the community:

a) What Slash commands are most important to you, as an advanced End User and as an IT Admin?

b) What solution do you feel is best for handling long command names?

I don’t know wether feedback is still relevant to current development, but off the top of my head I suggest the following:

a) all those you mentioned.
Also in no particular order: /leave or /part for leaving the channel, /help for an overview of the slash commands and/or additional info. There certainly are more, but that’s what jumps my mind in this moment

b) I fell like it could be this: without the mouse hovering any entry of the slash-command preview display the explanation ending with a dot, followed by Syntax: … which then unfolds into the full line (maybe with wordwrap) for the explanation including all relevant syntax.
e.g.: without mouse hover:
/loadtest users Add a specified number of random users to current team. Syntax: …

with mouse hovering over the entry:
/loadtest users Add a specified number of random users to current team. Syntax: /loadtest users < Min Users > < Max Users >

Sorry, can’t format it better right now.

This uses more height, but displays all the information in an easy-to-parse manner for both exploring commands and referencing attributes

Alternatively if you can change the menu’s content based on the number of matching results, you could hide the attributes…

…until there’s just one match (ignore the fact that there’s two here!)

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One idea would be having "/remind me in X " as Slack already has. That’s a nice one to have for any initial setup as well as "/invite ".

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Hi @it33,

Mattermost 2.0 covers already most of slack slash commands. What I consider as additional slash commands are:

/reply text
Reply to a text (above the chat dialog) within the chat instead of clicking the bubble

/amend text
Amend entered text to previous entered text. User tend to write multiple lines by entering several commands and this makes the reply a little bit difficult.

I like what I have seen for now but I would like to have two more features. Slack understands sed syntax like

/s/search/replace would like to have this too.

And the second request would be to be able to define globally available slash commands for server admins. I would like to enable all users to write something like /accounts and give them for example a list of accounts registered (bugtracker/email/cloud storage etc.) identified by theire email address or something like this. Or to complete the circle to the first request define something like filtering the last message through unix command line tools like /sort to sort my last message or /s for sed /awk for awk and so on.