Difficult to understand end user slash commands


  • Ability to understand Slash command feature from input box


  • No ability to understand Slash command feature from input box


  • There’s no easy way for an end user to understand how to use the slash command or markdown formatting features from the input box. This is significant because there’s a ton of power in slash commands, and if it’s not obvious how to get to end user help, there’s a very low probability the majority of users will understand the value and potential of the system.

Examples of possible solutions:

  • Link to end user documentation, either in-product or on the web,
  • Enable slash command help to have longer descriptions, accessible using on_hover in the menu description, or in auto-complete,



There are potentially internal debates on this topic that I’ll aim to anticipate and address here:

1 - End users may be on an old version of Mattermost and end user help may be out-of-date

  • The core end user help used to ship as part of the product, and be version specific. It doesn’t have to be complete, but it should be available.

2 - Maintaining documentation on end user features in the product is a lot of work

  • The end user documentation should be prioritized with other investments. The context here is that if end users don’t have a way to easily understand the features, there’s no value in the features.

3 - The system should be intuitive and not require end user documentation.

  • It makes sense to go as far as we can on good design, however there’s no way an end user can figure out markdown or our slash command system without a link to documentation.

4 - Slash command documentation doesn’t include custom commands

  • We should make it easier to extend the documentation for custom commands created by customers.