Automatic email configuration

We have been using GitLab (via the Omnibus RPM) for about 2.5 years and earlier this week decided that Mattermost would be useful too, so we set it up. I was under the assumption that email notifications would ‘just work’ as they do in GitLab, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In the admin console, Send Email Notifications is set to false and all of the other email-related inputs are blank. Is there a simple way for me to have Mattermost use Gitlab’s email settings? Or do I need to look at my GitLab config and copy them manually (I’m not sure where this is configured but I’ll be able to find it if required).

Thanks for any help!

Please see:

OK thanks. I’d already found that page but believed that because I was on GitLab 8.9, setup would be automatic

After delving into GitLab’s configuration, it appears to just be using sendmail. The following settings ‘just work’ for me

Thanks @peteryates! I’ve updated the thread you linked to so it’s clear that GitLab isn’t automatically setting up email–I thought they were, but I guess I am incorrect.

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