Sending Notication Emails

I’m trying to configure Mattermost to send out notification emails via SMTP. The notifications are triggered when a Gitlab pipeline is triggered - this is working correctly. The SMTP connection is set up correcly - test email went through. I’d like to be able to send any notification message that gets posted to the channel out via email as well - is there a way to do that?

Could this doc help

Hello, @rdominato

Based on your statement below:

Am I understanding your request properly in which you would like to send a message to a Mattermost channel via email? For example:

  • To: <email_of_smtp_server>
  • Subject: <channel_id>
  • Body:
  • Sender: <Mattermost_account_email>

This email will then be processed by the email server to be sent to Mattermost as a post to the channel based on the information above?