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We would like to configure Mattermost to send an email notification to any subscribed users if a post is made in a public channel.

Steps to reproduce

Currently, we are receiving email notifications when a direct message is sent and we are not around. We would like to receive email notifications if any post is made in a public channel that you have subscribed to.

Expected behavior

We are expecting an email to be sent with the content when anyone posts in a public channel.

Observed behavior

It will not send a notification.

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Hello, @jast0305

As you have mentioned, the default behavior of Mattermost is to deliver email notifications to users who were either mentioned in rooms or sent direct messages to when they are offline or away from Mattermost for more than 5 minutes as you can see from the client configuration below:

I would be interested to understand the use case that you have here since you are expecting to have email notifications delivered to every participants in the room for every message that are sent. Especially for busy rooms, your email server will be bombarded with requests for the every messages sent and I would expect it to put some stress to it. Moreover, the default behavior takes into consideration that most users (not all) might not be comfortable to have their inbox spammed with emails after emails.

Can you share more insights on this please? From there, the dev / engineering team might be able to see if this request is possible to achieve, depending on the complexity and request from the public. Thanks!

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Good Morning,

Thank you for your response! The use case I am using here is to keep individuals within our company updated on client communications through Mattermost channels. So let’s say I am the account manager for client A, B, and C. If someone in the organization goes to client A and gets some information I would like that person to post that information in client A’s channel. Myself as the account manager, using keywords (see below) then I would get a notification in email. If someone goes to client D and posts an update in their channel, then I wouldn’t get an update in my email because I am not concerned with client D.

It is my understand based on the screen shot below, that if I place a keyword in the string, that I would get email notifications of any activity mentioning these keywords. Is that incorrect?

I hope that this helps with the understanding of my use case, let me know if I can provide further clarification.


You need to configure it differently. Like you did it will work when each message contains clienta as text.

Go to Channel Client A and klick on the channel name. You should see some options. Click Notification Preferences. Then you can change for desktop and mobile the behavior for reacting on every activity. The repeat it for every channel you need.

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Hi, @jast0305

While I have not personally tried that before, that applies to specific channels like what @JtheBAB mentioned. I would assume that it will work since it takes any other special keywords and the client will treat it as a mention, which eventually should send email and push notifications accordingly.

In the example you provided, the usage of clienta, clientb, and clientb keyword in any channels that you are participating could work though it would be important for the person to constantly use those words to ensure that you get the notifications and not miss them. May I know if you have given it a try?

I have this configured, but I have not received any email notifications from the channels if those keywords. I am not sure if I have a setting wrong, or something. I have tested the email configuration, but it still does not work.

Hi, @jast0305

Gotcha. To ensure that we are getting the email / push notifications accordingly, we need to either be offline or away from Mattermost for more than 5 minutes. While you were expecting the email, can I please check if you were in either statuses (offline / away)?

I have tested the email configuration

Can you please confirm what testing method(s) was performed on the email configuration and can you share the outcome of it here? Thanks.

I second the initial query. Here is my use case: we have set channels for workgroups, that usually have 3-10 users maximum. Getting an email notification is really important for us when someone posts something new, because some of the workgroups are on a long-term slow moving process.
Right now it is kind of ridiculous, as people have to remember to tell everyone they have posted something, which defeats the purpose in the first place!

The behavior I really wish mattermost had is precisely that of an automated @channel notification that users can enable either globally (i.e. get an email each time someone posts in a channel I am registered in), or on a per-channel setting.

This is no spamming at all since users (and I) are asking for the option.
Admittedly, this might not be a need if/when people are regularly logged in, which is NOT the case for everybody.

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