Get notified on every message ("Words That Trigger Mentions")

How do I get notified on every message that is happening on the channel?

Something like a wildcard or a regular expression in “Words That Trigger Mentions”?

I understand it’s not the way the Mattermost was build, but I hope there is some kind of opportunity for this in this configuration?

If the development shall be done, I would be glad to get any guidance / assistance, to make sure the code will be merged.

Hi, @alexander-potemkin

Since you mentioned that you want to get notified for every message that comes through the channel, may I know if the For all activity notification setup works for you?

If not , can you please share if you are looking at very specific keywords that you would like to be notified on? Thanks.

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hi @ahmaddanial and thank you!
I didn’t think that this setting does exactly what is says it does… :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me check if that works for the users and be back, if something goes wrong - with more details this time :slight_smile: