Backup & upgrade mattermost

What are the best practice to upgrade mattermost to a new release and backup the data? Is there a way to store the data and config on the host filesystem?

How can we change the configuration without entering in the vm?

Hi @benoitc,

Mattermost Beta1 (v0.7.0) releases on Friday and it’s setting up the groundwork for a production deployment, backup and upgrade support.

The three parts we’re focused on are a) code, b) configuration, c) data.

For a), there’s work underway for an upgrade process for the Mattermost software, including migration scripts for upgrading the database across versions.

For b), in Beta2 (v0.8.0) we’re focused on re-factoring the configuration files to remove deprecated functionality, organize config cleanly and make it straight forward to version, backup and restore at user sites

For c), deployments would be aligned with standard procedures for backing up and restoring databases.

Currently with the Mattermost alpha, deployed largely via the Quick Start Product Evaluation option in Docker, there’s documented commands to refresh and bring instances up to the latest version, but this doesn’t include preserving data.

Is there a specific scenario you’re working on with the alpha setup?

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@it33 i setup the latest master in docker there we can work with the current version. What we are looking for right now is:

  1. backup/restore the data and configuration file to make sure we won’t loose them. For now I am not sure how to do it. Especially since the cp command in docker 0.8 only allows to copy file per file…
  2. Optionally having a way to edit the config file without entering in the shell.

Any idea how to do it?