Beanstalk Upgrade or Export?


we are currently running a Beanstalk mattermost setup that is 4 months old.
Is there a way to upgrade the Beanstalk app to the most recent mattermost setup without loosing data?

Or can we export the Mattermost Data from Beanstalk and import it into a standard Ubuntu Mattermost setup?

Thanks for your help.

Hey again.

Common guys, i will tip 30 € in Btc or paypal to the one who helps me transfering our beanstalk mattermost setup to a standard Ubuntu setup.
I know running a productive system on Beanstalk is not recommended an that is why i want to change that now.


Here’s the migration guide.

No need for a tip, please just share back any issues? Or feel free to make a pull request to improvement the documentation with any clarifications you feel could help.

Thanks for your reply.

My main problem is… howto export the database from this beanstalk environment? I can connect to the ec2 instance but i do not know what to do with this Postgresql running in a docker container…


I just need to know how to export this database.

The migration documentation has a link to backing up Mattermost, which has a guide on backup and restore of Postgres. Are you able to dump the database to a file?