Blank screen after adding a message to a user


I am unable to message a specific user since I added a specific message. Whenever I am trying to open the page to chat with him, the screen goes blank with the following console error: Invalid regular expression: /^-+:$/: Nothing to repeat

I logged in to phpmyadmin and have deleted the post as well to no avail. I am still unable to open the direct chat page with that user.

Has it happened to anyone before? I am running build 5.21.0

Hello, @shekhar

Since this is happening to a specific user, there could be a corrupted content causing the screen to go blank when you try to load the direct message.

  • Can you reproduce the issue across all platforms (desktop / web / mobile)?

  • If you are on desktop / web browser, can you enable the View > Developer Tools for Current Server and reload the direct message? Once done, export the HAR file and share it on a direct message to me.

  • Have you also tried to clear the cache of the desktop app and open it on the Incognito / private mode of the web browser?

Based on the following statement:

I don’t quite understand this part. Did you check if the post still exists on the database level and how did you delete the post via phpmyadmin?

It was only happening on web and desktop platforms. Mobile platform was fine. It was a table copied from a website which the web and desktop platforms were unable to render at all.

Once I deleted that and cleared Cache, it started working. Is this a known bug?

Regarding your question, yes, I went into the database and saw the structure of mattermost, figured where the posts were getting created and deleted it from there. At that time I had not checked on the mobile platform and that seemed like the only way to do it.


Hi, @shekhar

Thank you for the confirmation on the fix. I would not say that it is a bug unless we can reproduce the problem constantly on the new version.

Can you please share the website so I can test it on my end using the latest version of Mattermost Server and desktop app?