Direct message landing to App

One of our users complained that,

A direct message from one user was not landed in Mattermost App but received an email notification for the same. Once he logout and login the message appeared in the Mattermost app showing as landed correctly.

Anyone else faced this scenario before?

Mattermost Server version 5.12.2

Hi @leosimony, we have fixed some issues around missing messages in v5.12.4 dot release. Iā€™d recommend upgrading to our current latest version (v5.13.2) to see if the issue is resolved.

Hello, @leosimony

Just following up on this. May we know if you went ahead with the upgrade to 5.13.2 (or potentially the latest 5.14) to confirm that the missing message issue is fixed on your end?

Keep us posted!

Hello ahmad,

Just in time, we have scheduled the upgrade tomorrow night. I will let you know in a week.

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Hello Ahmad,

Sorry for the delay. We have upgraded to the latest stable version and informed the client and they did not come backup with the same issue till date.

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Hello, @leosimony

Happy to know that. Just bounce this topic back if you happen to see it again so we can troubleshoot it further. Thanks.