Block non-admin users from changing their username and first/last name


Block users changing account info

Steps to reproduce

Users can change user info via their Account Settings page

Expected behavior

Ability for Admins to stop this ability - so that naming conventions are not interfered with.

Observed behavior

Currently - free access for general users to change info at will.

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Hi @dduffy,

Would you be open to sharing this idea on our feature request forum here:

Also, if you see usernames that don’t fit to naming conventions, you can update user information via, e.g. API:{user_id}%2Fput?

Hi Amy

Thanks for the reply

We already have an API workflow that takes from a production database and updates the MM user database.

This is more so to restrict users ability to change these names via the settings page. Ideally a system setting to disable these fields for non-admin users.