How can I, as the System Admin, change someone's full name?

I’d like the ability to change users’ names, is there a way I can do that, maybe through the CLI?

You can use API to change names.
However, an ability to do so in the system console would be nice.

Hi, @aidenmitchell

As mentioned by @ilyakonovalenko , you can use Patch a user API to achieve this besides direct database manipulation (which is not recommended). For example:

curl -X PUT -H 'Authorization: Bearer <auth_token>' -d '{"username":"<new_username>"}' https://<url>/api/v4/users/<user_id>/patch

I came across this topic on Mattermost Uservoice that is related to this request and recommend you to vote on it:

Hope that helps.

Not looking to change the username, looking to change the Full Name.

Edit: Never mind, that works, thank you!

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