How to set user nicknames from shell?

After reviewing all of the user functions in the manual, I’m not seeing a way to set nicknames from the shell. Am I missing something or is this not available presently?

Hi @ylluminate!

When you create a new user, there are options to set a nickname, etc.: Is this what you are looking for?

Thanks, but unfortunately no. I was hoping to be able to set these as an admin from the shell since some users need a little help with this from time to time. Ie, I was hoping to be able to issue a command such as this:

bin/mattermost user nickname {user} {new nickname}

Hi @ylluminate! Seems that this would be a good feature request - let us know if you’re interested in implementing!

I’m keeping a list of things that I think we’re interested in implementing. Definitely will need some guidance as we start picking off some of these fruit.

Right now we have a few hitches to tie down with the HipChat importation yet (seems like we’re having some bulk-importer “glitches” that we’re attempting to sort out with regards to user account’s), and then we hope to open source that since it should help a lot of would-be HipChat converts.