Broadcast channel?

Is there a way to setup a broadcast channel sending messages to Town Squares of any team?

Hi there, @olon

Can you explain a little bit better on what you actually mean by broadcast channel sending messages? As you may know, every member of the Mattermost team is part of the Town Square by default. In this case, you can use @channel (for every users) or @here (for online users) depending on your preference to send messages to them. This was explained in an earlier post here:
Notification to ALL users on Mattermost

Since I am not entirely clear on your objective, I would prefer to get more information from your end first. Keep me posted.

Sorry for being not clear. I’m trying to find a way for our Product Owner to broadcast information to all teams at once. Maybe I’m just not getting it but I wasn’t able to find a way to achieve this without inviting the PO to every team (which makes not that much sense because she isn’t a team member but the PO).

There is no possibility at the moment. Perhaps you can do something with webhooks. So the message would come from extern but can then looped through all the channels


Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve added a suggestion here:

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