Can't add users to certain teams and channels

I can’t add users to a team and channel, only invite them to a team. Can’t add users to “Town Square” default channel. This channel cannot be deleted, si I will have to rename it and use it. I want to manually add them to this team and its default public channel. I am assuming complete ignorance about how MM functions, so don’t want to rely on users accepting an invitation or tagging the tech support person.

Steps to reproduce
Version 5.26.0. Waiting for an upgrade. Otherwise inherited installation, so exact configuration is still unclear.

  • Connect to Mattermost as an admin in a web browser.
  • First go to the system console > User management
  • On a given, active user, click “Manage teams” and try to add the user to another team.

Expected behavior
I should be able to add a user to a team from this screen (assumed)

Observed behavior
Only their current team displays.

Another try:
Steps to reproduce

  • While logged as an admin, create another team. Two default channels exist, “Town square” and “Off-topic”
  • In the “Town Square” channel, click on the users icon, then “See members”, then “Add members”

Expected behavior
There’s an “Add members” button in the “Off-topic” channel I can use to manually add members. I should have this button in the “Town square” channel.

Observed behavior
There’s no such button.
Captura de pantalla 2022-11-05 a la(s) 16.02.33

I can add users to a team like this (MM 7.4.0):

or like this:

Try similar on your instance.

Also, you can’t add members to a channel before addind them to a team.
This is how I add a member of a team to a channel:

Hope this helps.


Hi @air.head.guy

It does, to some extent.

However, my interface is different. Under User management, I don’t have the Teams item, only Users. Were the other options added between 5.x and 7.x?

Apparently, users invited to a team are automatically added to the default “Town square” channel, which negates the need for an “add user” button in this channel.

The invitation process is manual, though, as I can’t select users from a list and can’t see which ones are already part of the team. I have to explicitly add each person. While I can still manage with our 20 users, this would be painfully slow with more.

I would have expected both:

  • An ability to select all users > assign them into one or more teams > assign privileges in said team (much like Wordpress). Your version allows that to be done from the System Console, but mine requires me to be in the team first, then add users (which doesn’t alway work - see below)
  • When a user first logs in, it is asked which team to join. For an unknown reason, even if the “Support” team is public, it isn’t in the list of joinable teams.
    Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-06 a la(s) 00.18.11

I did discover a new bug though: as I tried to add all users to a team by typing their handles, some of them are added, some aren’t, no matter what the dialog box says. I can repeat the process with the omitted users one-by-one to have them finally added.