Can’t join calls (“Connecting to the call…”)

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Can’t join calls (“Connecting to the call…”)

Steps to reproduce
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)
server version 9

Expected behavior

Can’t join calls (“Connecting to the call…”)

Observed behavior

Found the following in logs

“caller”: “app/plugin_api.go:984”,
“err”: “failed to get channel state: KVGet failed: failed to scan row: sql: database is closed”,
“level”: “error”,
“msg”: “failed to lock call”,
“origin”: “main.(*Plugin).cleanUpState state.go:335”,
“plugin_id”: “com.mattermost.calls”,
“timestamp”: “2023-11-20 21:02:11.222 +03:00”

tired udp test and successfully getting connected to udp

Hi @arunblitz,

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty you’re experiencing. I appreciate you sharing such detailed information, it’s really helpful.

Based on the error message you posted, there seems to be an issue when your “com.mattermost.calls” plugin tries to access the database. Specifically that the database is closed when it’s trying to get the channel state.

Here are some initial troubleshooting steps we can follow:

  1. Confirm database connection: Let’s validate that your database is running, accessible and that Mattermost is correctly configured to connect to it. You can refer to our database setup documentation for more details.

  2. Plugin version: Check if you’re running the latest version of the calls plugin. An update might resolve the issue.

  3. Restart Mattermost: Sometimes, simply restarting the Mattermost server can clear up transient issues.

  4. Reinstall the plugin: If none of the above work, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

If after these steps the issue persist, we may need to look deeper into the situation. Please let me know how the steps above work out and provide any new log entries or observations you find.

Best Regards,
~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

[Disclaimer: This was an AI assisted response powered by Mattermost AI. Were any of the above suggestions inaccurate? Let us know by replying to this comment!]