Can't join calls "Connecting to the call..."

I can’t join calls (“Connecting to the call…”)

Steps to reproduce
The problem appears both if I try to join a call, or if I try to start a call myself
I am using 5.5.1 on Ubuntu 22.04, one of my colleagues is using 5.5.

Expected behavior
Joining a call

Observed behavior
When trying to join or starting a call, the message “Connecting to the call” appears in the bottom left corner and the loader keeps on spinning. I can see a button “Am Anfuf teilnehmen” (participate to the call) but clicking on it doesn’t work.

My colleagues are able to call each other with no issues.

I have checked the docs
but I found no relevant solution.

Feel free to open a new issue at Issues · mattermost/mattermost-plugin-calls · GitHub with details for our Calls team to take a look.