Calls Plugin - Permissions Issue

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We recently upgraded our on premises version to 7.0, and now have access to calls. They do work; however, both users have to be admins for the calls to complete from each end. Is there a way around this?

Steps to reproduce
Start a call from an admin to non admin and the non admin cannot join
Non admin’s cannot start a call

Expected behavior
Admin and Non admin users should be able to start and join calls

Observed behavior
Non admins cannot join or create calls

Feel free to open a Github issue here Issues · mattermost/mattermost-plugin-calls · GitHub or share this on our community server channel here.

I am not running the community server version, and I followed the requested requirements to submit the bug on this forum. If this is not the correct spot, then why even give the option?

@streamer45 Please help take a look.


could it be that the client versions are too old for the non-admins? What desktop client version are you using across your team? You should use at least 5.0 for calls to work (even better would be to upgrade to 5.1.1 directly).

Do you probably use custom roles that could prevent non-admin users to make calls? The calls plugin permissions only allow to specify who’s allowed to enable calls on channels, but once it’s enabled, everyone in a channel can participate or initiate a call.


So everything is upgraded to current, including desktops, but the interesting part is that it just started working.

Alright, great - if it stops working again, let us know and we can maybe dig deeper into it then :slight_smile: