Calls Plugin - Permissions Issue

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We recently upgraded our on premises version to 7.0, and now have access to calls. They do work; however, both users have to be admins for the calls to complete from each end. Is there a way around this?

Steps to reproduce
Start a call from an admin to non admin and the non admin cannot join
Non admin’s cannot start a call

Expected behavior
Admin and Non admin users should be able to start and join calls

Observed behavior
Non admins cannot join or create calls

Feel free to open a Github issue here Issues · mattermost/mattermost-plugin-calls · GitHub or share this on our community server channel here.

I am not running the community server version, and I followed the requested requirements to submit the bug on this forum. If this is not the correct spot, then why even give the option?

@streamer45 Please help take a look.