Cannot connect to Mattermost

What happened to the pre-release instance?

@UHLHosting Are you still experiencing this issue?

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@amy.blais Pre-release seem to move into community found it asap as i read the new docs. Maybe a redirect from old subdomain to new one would avoid confusion.

Same thing happened to me. Had the pre-release URL configured everywhere and all of a sudden it stopped working. An announcement by mail or redirect to would be very helpful to prevent confusion. People using the old URL might have the impression the service is down.

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Indeed this move was like made with legs and by someone running not thinking of all users that can be affected. And there is a golden rule on any subdomain in production or in place a redirection is a must. To avoid issues of any kinds.

and a redirect from http to https would be helpful for as well.

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Hi all, I was notified that pre-release was down but it’s back up again.
Plans for deprecating pre-release will be done at some point as well.