Why do links in the product go to about.mattermost.com/[SOMETHING]

Example of links in the product:

Hi, @focalfan

May I know which version of Mattermost Server you are running on? If you are running a non-supported version, would you be open to at least upgrade to the ESR version of Mattermost? Thanks.

In the early days of Mattermost we were using about.mattermost.com as the main website for marketing and operations, so we could reserve mattermost.com for a cloud product some day.

Over time, things changed and we moved marketing and operations over to mattermost.com .

However older versions of the Mattermost software that’s installed on-prem still link to about.mattermost.com/[SOMETHING] so we don’t ever want to break the re-directs that still exist on about.mattermost.com .