URL behaviour in IOS Application for Mattermost


When a user posts a LINK with either http or https to a any site external to the domain on which Mattermost is served sees the link opening in a ‘new’ browser session with some text on the top left of the screen offering a ‘Return to Mattermost’. Opening links on the same DOMAIN as the Mattermost instance resides on open in a closed window; with no option to return to Mattermost. The only way to return to the team is to close the application completely and log back in.

Steps to reproduce

Open a URL which is external to the Matterhost domain/host - you see the ‘return to mattermost’ link top left
Open a URL which is internal to the Matterhost domain/host - you see the site raw with no option to return to ‘mattermost’

Expected behavior

I would expect that the option to ‘return to Mattermost’ is consistent for any URL’s be they ‘local’ or ‘remote’

Observed behavior

As described above. This behaviour has been reproduced by multiple users on our Mattermost instance.

Hi @davetidwell,

Thanks for this report. It sounds like this issue is related to https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PLT-3534. I’ll be fixing that shortly, so it should be in for our 3.3 release shipping on August 16th.