Links open i browser instead of app

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Links to specific messages or channels in Mattermost open in the browser instead of the app
Steps to reproduce
copy link; paste into wherever, click the link

Expected behavior
The channel/message opens in desktop

Observed behavior
The channel/message opens in browser

Hi @joacimsvensson and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

What Mattermost server version do these links point to?

Hi @agriesser! We are running 7.7.1 team edition, self-hosted

Hi again,

The ability to specify a landing option has been added recently and you maybe clicked on the browser variante and on save, which causes the browser to save your preference and not redirect you to the deskto app.
When you look at the local storage of your Mattermost instance, you will see two keys responsible for that, namely:


When you delete the two, you should (upon your next click on the link) see this page again, where you can then choose to open links for this instance using the desktop app:

Hi! I didn’t follow where those keys are located?

They are in your browser’s local stoarge.
Access your Mattermost domain, then open the developer tools (usually with the F12 hotkey), then there’s a section called “web storage” (or any localized version of it which should look like this then:

Ah, thanks. Unfortunately, none of those keys are in the local storage.

That’s interesting - they should be there as soon as you access the page for the first time. Can you try to open the webinterface to your Mattermost server with a private browsing tab to make sure that no cookies or other local caches interfere here?

There are definitely a lot more keys, those landingpage ones as well, when I browse to Could it be related to the hosting options? We’re self-hosted

My instance is also self hosted and I can see them there - this is (AFAIK) only depending on the version installed, but since you said you’re already on 7.7.1, the option should be available.

Bummer, it doesn’t appear to be there for me.

Can you try to access (The /landing at the end should bring you immediately to the landing page where you can decide what to do with such links)

Small step forward, it did bring me to the landing page so I can save my choice and I can verify that the keys are indeed there now. However the links are still opening in the browser, for my own server as well as for

Interesting, so the cookies are being set by the landing page and you can see them, but they’re being ignored?
Just one wild guess here, but can you confirm that your SiteUrl configuration setting is set to the URL your web- and desktop apps are connecting to, including the protocol and ports? So if your server is reachable via, f.ex., your SiteUrl configuration value also needs to be set to this value.
Is there any reverse proxy in front of the Mattermost server that might tinker with the cookies being sent back and forth between the client and the server?