When opening Mattermost links in Microsoft Edge, preference to open in desktop app is not remembered

When I click a Mattermost mention in my email in Edge, the “Where would you like to view this?” page displays, even though I previously selected “Remember my preference.”

Steps to reproduce
Mattermost Desktop App version: 5.0.2 on Windows 10
MS Edge version: 97.0.1072.76

Expected behavior
The link should automatically open the Mattermost desktop app.

Observed behavior
The “Where would you like to view this” page opens, with the choice to view in desktop app or view in browser. Sometimes, after re-selecting the “Remember my preference” check box, it works for subsequent links, but only temporarily.

In edge://settings/content/applicationLinks, however, the preference is shown:

In Google Chrome 97.0.4692.99, the preference seems to be remembered because Mattermost links always open in the app.