Disabling the "landing" page?

Since a couple of versions Mattermost displays a “landing” page (example URL: https://foo.bar/landing#/) instead of the login page.

Where would you like to view this?

You can view Mattermost in the desktop app or continue in your web browser.
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I’m searching for a way to disable this page completely. Access via app should be possible but not be advertised to the users like this.

I’m aware of the “Remember my preference” setting but when using browsers in private mode or deleting session data when closing the browser, this is lost. And the users get asked again and again. This is annoying.

Is there a setting somewhere to disable this page?

Thank you very much!

Hi susticle and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to disable this landing page at the moment, but someone posted a patch to do that for now in the community server. There are ongoing talks about this new feature, so there might be some setting in the future to disable or customize it.

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Hi Alexander,

thanks for the reply and the welcome. I registered at the community server and I will have a look at the patch.