How do I skip the landing page and go directly to the login page


  1. The new user will show you this landing page, which is useless, want to skip it and go straight to the login page.

AFAIK it is not possible to do 1). Someone asks every month or so.

This kind of editing should be allowed in such an open source project.

Hey everyone,

there’s an open ticket for making the landing page optional:

Customizing is possible in the source code (which is what @Darkland is referring to when talking about an open source project) and you can then just compile your own server version, but I think it would be easier if this is exposed in one of the available templates and I’m not sure if this is the case currently.
You can check on your own, there’s a templates directory in the Mattermost installation directory (by default that’s /opt/mattermost).

can you be more specific about it

I mean you can configure and change everything in the free edition, as long as you know how to code in the languages used by this project and as long as you know how to compile the project from source.

See this documentation for setting up your development environment (which also talks about how to compile the project from source):