Customize tutorial pages at first login

hi there

i am new to mattermost and so far i am quite impressed about the quality of it.

we are in the final stages of deploying an on premise instance of mattermost e10 and it is really working well. th documentation is very good so almost every question is resolved.

there is one final issue i cannot find details about:
how to customize the tutorial pages a user gets, when he logs in the first time.

unfortunately i always just clicked it away, so i currently dont have a screenshot or even the url of what im talking about. neither the documentation nor anything in the filesystem of the mattermost instance gave me a clue where to dig further.

does anyone know anything more detailed? can you modify the text shown? can you alter the number of pages?

only hint i found was a field in the bulkimport: “tutorial_step” can be like 1, 2, 3 or 999 meaning start the tutorial from page 1, 2, 3, or not at all respectively.
bulkimport docs:

greatly appreciate any idea.

thank you a lot!

have a nice weekend.


Hello, @sebpein

Based on my research, you can check on tutorial_intro_screens.jsx page in which you need to customize. May I know if you can give it a try on your end and share the outcome?