Can't find config file on Ubuntu

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I know that on Ubuntu a config file should be located somewhere in “mattermost/config” dir ( But there’s no such directory on my pc. Local search didn’t help. Where can I find this file?.. :slight_smile:

Hello, @jhnd7710

If you installed Mattermost according to the Ubuntu installation guide, the configuration file should be located by default in the /opt/mattermost/config/config.json directory.

Can you please confirm if the file exists there?


Well, I installed it through App Center and got only /google dir in my /opt. (

Hello, @jhnd7710

Can you please share more information on the Ubuntu environment that you are running on? Also, which installation guide that you referred to since you mentioned about the installation of Mattermost through App Center?

Maybe if you can give me more context on how the installation was done, I can get a better understanding of the issue.

Thank you for your reply! )

Yes, sure - I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, have installed Mattermost via Ubuntu Software (Search - “mattermost desktop”). App version - 4.5.3. Channel: latest/stable

Maybe I could have it uninstalled and then re-installed following the official instructions you posted above?

Hi, @jhnd7710

Got it. So, the Mattermost app that you installed through the Ubuntu Software is actually the desktop app instead of the actual Mattermost Server.

The config.json is only configurable in the /opt/mattermost/config/config.json when you as the System Administrator, deploy and install Mattermost Server.

Are you the end user or an admin who is trying out Mattermost on your organization?

HI, @ahmaddanial!

I’m the end user. ) But I have admin rights to install on my pc.

Hello, @jhnd7710

The config.json is independent of the admin rights on your machine, so it is only configurable by the System Administrator who installs the Mattermost Server instead of the desktop app. I’d suggest you to reach out to the respective admin if you want to learn more about the config.json file.

Thanks, @ahmaddanial! :slight_smile: I guess this will be the easiest way.

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