Config.json file missing on fresh install on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi there,
We are tying to setup a selfhosted Mattermost 7.10.3 Server on Ubuntu 22.04. After trying with older versions, we still get no config.json file on the /opt/mattermost-7.10.3/config/ foler.
Any idea would be appreciated.

Hi @FraLem and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

The application server generates an empty config.json file into this directory if the server is started with the correct working directory and if it’s writable.
Based on your information, you should check that:

  • you start the server when you’re in the directory /opt/mattermost-7.10.3 with the bin/mattermost command
  • all files below /opt/mattermost-7.10.3 including this directory belong to the user you’re using to start the service (by default, this should be the mattermost account and you can ensure that using the command chown -R mattermost: /opt/mattermost-7.10.3)