Can't find the user when adding into channel

I modified “MaxUsersPerTeam” to a higher value so that more than 50 users can be added.

However, I can’t search the newly added user when adding him into channel.

Any clue? Thanks.

Was the user already added to the team?

yes, user is added but user is not visible when adding him to channel

Hi, @mmuser2021

Got it. Can you please run the following SQL query to check the status of team and channels of the affected user?

SELECT DISTINCT u.Username, t.DisplayName AS TeamName, c.DisplayName AS ChannelName, cm.SchemeUser AS User, cm.SchemeAdmin AS Admin FROM ChannelMembers AS cm JOIN Channels AS c ON (cm.ChannelId=c.Id) JOIN Users AS u ON (cm.UserId=u.Id) JOIN Teams AS t ON (c.TeamId=t.Id) WHERE u.Username = "<username>";

Please replace the <username> parameter with the username of the affected user.

  • Does this also happen constantly for new users that we were added to the channel after the MaxUsersPerTeam was increased or does it also happen for older users too? Does it happen for every private channel?

  • Do you use synchronized groups to sync specific members into private channels?