Can't Restore Deleted Team

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Accidentaly deleted a Gitlab project associated with a team, tried to restore the Mattermost team by “platform channel restore team:channel” command but couldn’t get it to work.

Steps to reproduce

Version: 4.8.1

Observed behavior

Can list the channels of the deleted team by “platform channel list team_name” and also team statistics shows up on the System Console statistics page. When i try to restore the channels by “platform channel restore team:channel” the output is this:

[2018/06/04 13:47:23 +03] [INFO] Loaded system translations for 'en' from '/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/mattermost/i18n/en.json'
[2018/06/04 13:47:23 +03] [INFO] Server is initializing...
[2018/06/04 13:47:23 +03] [INFO] Pinging SQL master database
[2018/06/04 13:47:23 +03] [INFO] Pinging SQL replica-0 database

Checked the logs but couldn’t find anything about this issue. Google was not helpful too. So how can i go about solving this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @myaspm! Thank you for reaching out.

Would you like to try if upgrading to the latest server version (4.10.1) would help with the issue?

Let me know any questions or if upgrading is not an option at this point!

It looks like the connection to your replica database isn’t working or is timing out. Can you verify that Mattermost is able to connect to that database?

If it can, try increasing the log level and re-running the command. There are two settings in Mattermost that can increase the log level.

To set the File Log Level to Debug: Go to System Console > General > Logging and set File Log Level to DEBUG. If you can’t access the System Console find this line in config.json

"FileLevel": "INFO"

and change it to this:

"FileLevel": "DEBUG"

To enable database query debugging: Go to System Console > Advanced > Database and then set Trace to true. If you can’t access the System Console find this line in config.json:

"Trace": false

and change it to this:

"Trace": true

Note: Disable these once you’ve reproduced the problem to prevent log bloat.

Hey @amy.blais, unfortunately i’m using Gitlab Omnibus version so i don’t know if i can or should update.

Hey @paulrothrock, i can verify that Mattermost can connect to DB. Here is my Debug level logs from restore command:

And another thing to worry about: even though the team and the channels are deleted for at least a week, team statistics page give graphics like this :



Hi @myaspm! I apologize for the late reply!

Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough about this topic, so I encourage you to join our nightly build server and then join either Developer Toolkit channel or Peer-to-peer help channel to discuss this issue - our engineers can most certainly help with this and they are most active at the build server.