centOS 7 unable to use port 80/443


I have followed the example in the docs to install mattermost on a centOS 7 server (using https://docs.mattermost.com/install/install-rhel-71.html)

The installation works perfectly, however, when attempting to change the port to 80/443 the server does not want to restart (restart failed), only on non-standard ports does it work. I am happy to use another port, however, I cannot seem to find how to get https then to work as changing the siteurl to https://… and visiting https:// returns an empty response.

Other than this mattermost works flawlessly

Steps to reproduce

How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)
centOS 7, MySQL, team version

The specific error I get in journal related to the error (when changing from 8065 to port 80, all other defaults):

Jun 26 01:50:27 hostname mattermost[30210]: {“level”:“error”,“ts”:1529992227.6243649,“caller”:“commands/server.go:112”,“msg”:“listen tcp :80: bind: permission denied”}

selinux has also been disabled and there is no other process (like apache) running on port 80

Sometimes help to read the docs :slight_smile:

sudo setcap cap_net_bind_service=+ep ./mattermost

Resolved issue with port 80 :slight_smile:

I have tried to set the port to 443, enabled TLS, specified my certificate locations (and also tried letsencrypt) but visiting the site over https just returns a blank response. Any ideas?

This site can’t provide a secure connection
dev.mattermost sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

Hi @mauzilla! Thank you for reaching out.

If you have followed all steps and read through all special notes in the install guide that you referenced above, then possibly there is something missing in our docs.

Unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough about the topic, so would you like to join our nightly build server - the community and our engineers are more active in that server than here on Forums, and I’m sure someone can help answer your question there! There are many channels you can join to receive tips/help from our engineers and community members, e.g. Developer Toolkit and Peer-to-peer Help!